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Shipping to Canada from the United States


International Shipments (any destination other than North America) - Documents for Customs Clearance:
Choosing the appropriate GDLS-C Canada Import Invoice: (Note: please enable macros when opening GDLS-C Canadian Import Invoice)

GDLS-C Web-Based Canadian Customs Invoice (CCI): (Effective July 1, 2010)
We are pleased to announce that GDLS-C, in conjunction with Russell A Farrow Limited, has developed an automated web-based Customs Invoice for US Suppliers. This initiative was taken to address both the Canadian Customs requirements and the unique requirements for defence products shipping to Canada allowing for the smooth and efficient movement of your goods to our facility.

Link to Web CCI:

If you have not yet obtained a log in or are experiencing technical difficulties please contact the GDLS-C customs department at 519-964-5900 ext. 6006 or ext. 5115.

Notice to GDLS-C Suppliers (May, 10, 2010)

Click here to download the Web CCI Manual

GDLS-C Canadian Suppliers

Any Canadian supplier who subcontracts to a supplier outside of Canada (third party) and has the goods shipped direct to GDLS-C, the Canadian Supplier will be the Importer of Record into Canada.

GDLS-C will pay for the brokerage fee provided the Canadian Supplier uses GDLS-C'S designated Customs Broker for clearance. Our broker will provide a split billing for the clearance.

Please contact GDLS-C Customs department for set up of this procedure, Please allow 2 weeks for set up of this process with our Customs Broker.

Billing for the duty and GST will be for the account of the Canadian Supplier (Importer of Record). Billing for brokerage will be for the account of GDLS-C.

The Canadian Supplier will be responsible for ensuring all required information for clearance of the shipment is provided to the Customs Broker including any NAFTA Certificates.

For goods which qualify for duty free entry under registered Government Contract, GDLS-C will provide an end use certificate upon request.