GDLS Canada

Shipping to Canada from Other Countries


International Shipments (any destination other than North America) - Documents for Customs Clearance:
Choosing the appropriate GDLS-C Canada Import Invoice: (Note: please enable macros when opening GDLS-C Canadian Import Invoice)

1. Are the goods being shipped controlled for export? For example, is an export license, permit, or other export authorization required?

NO - Use form GDLS-C 5993 for non controlled goods
YES - continue to question 2

2, Are the goods controlled for export, shipping from the United States?

NO - Use form GDLS-C 5991 for controlled goods from other than the USA

FOR ALL MODES OF TRANSPORT, complete two copies of the appropriate GDLS-C Canada Import Invoice. One to be given to the carrier with the Bill of Lading or Waybill at time of shipment and one to be affixed to the outside of the shipping unit, marked "Customs Invoice Enclosed".

Ensure that GDLS-C's Purchase Order number or other unique shipping reference number is noted on both the Bill of Lading or Waybill and the GDLS-C Canadian Import Invoice.

The following fields are MANDATORY when completing GDLS-C Canada Import invoice:

1. Vendor (Name and Address)
2. Date of Direct Shipment to Canada
3. Contract # and Shipper Reference #
4. Consignee (Name and Address)
6. Carriers Name
7. Conditions of Sale and Terms of Payment
8. Currency of Settlement
9. No. & Kinds of Packages
11. GDLS-C Part #
12. Item Description
13. HS Tariff
14. Country of Mfg.
15. GDLS-C PO#
16. Contract #
17. Quantity
18. Unit Cost
20. Total Weight
23. Contact Name, Address, Phone & Email

In addition the following fields are mandatory for goods controlled for export:

27: Export Authorization
28. Is the export authorization of the above items specific to serial number?

If you should have any questions regarding the completion of the GDLS-C Canadian Import Invoice please contact one of the following Customs Department personnel:

(519) 964-5515 OR (519) 964-5900 x 6006